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Organic Hazelnut Spreads: a delicious wellness break

Crema spalmabile nocciola e fondente
fertilizzante naturale crema spalmabile
Organic/Natural fertilizers
no additivi crema spalmabile
No artificial colorings or preservatives
tracciabilità crema spalmabile
Controlled manufacturing process
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Organic spreads are better!

100% Natural ingredients
pistacchio di bronte biologico crema spalmabile
Organic Pistachios
fave di cacao biologiche crema spalmabile
Cocoa Beans
nocciola gentile romana biologica crema spalmabile
Organic Hazelnuts (Tonda Gentile Romana Cultivar)
zucchero di canna biologico crema spalmabile
Organic Cane Sugar

Why choose
our spreads?

Here are our 3 secrets

Developed manufacturing process

The making of our products comes as a result of several attempts and tests conducted by our Chocolatier. Since the beginning we have been aiming for a unique result, never achieved by other similar products. Our core ingredients are: Creativity, Artisanship and Passion.

Organic Label

We use 100% organic ingredients to craft our spreads with only natural flavors.

Quality craftsmanship

By tasting our spreads we want you to experience a unique journey; we want you to discover our company, our land and our modern vision.

crema spalmabile cioccolato bio nativa
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The unique flavor of our spreads

Pick your favorite or try them all!

Dark, Salted Caramel, Pistachio or with Milk

  • Nativa Pura hazelnut spread

    With its natural and unmistakable flavor, Nativa Pura hazelnut spread is ready to transport you to the Tuscia region. Gluten-free.
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  • Hazelnuts cocoa

    A spread with a predominant cocoa flavor. A blend of two types of natural Peruvian cocoa that harmoniously combine with hazelnuts. Milk-free and gluten-free.
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  • Milk spread

    Loved by both young and old, it never fails to impress with its astonishing creaminess! Gluten-free.
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  • Nativa Pistachio

    Nativa Pistachio represents the finest expression of a high-quality product. Carefully selected and chosen pistachios are toasted and processed with great attention to enhance their savory and citrusy notes. Gluten-free.
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From the heart of Tuscia, Italy.

Nativa’s spreads are born.

Our organic products are crafted in Corchiano, a small village in central Italy, in an area also known as “Tuscia Viterbese”.  The area has always been ideal for cultivation of Hazelnuts, Olives and Grapes.  Our laboratory has been designed to craft excellence through a limited and controlled manufacturing process Taking part of our vision means being passionate about what is healthy for us and the environment, being curious about new flavors and emotions.
crema spalmabile nativa
mastro pasticcere gerardo grassi nativa