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Hazelnuts, shelled and roasted – 1Kg

We are proud to present the foundation of almost all our high-quality products: our roasted hazelnuts. The care and attention we dedicate to the entire production cycle ensure that our hazelnuts are an excellent product of organic agriculture, respecting the environment and the territory. The double harvest, the gentle shelling that preserves the inner part, the

above-average calibration (13-15mm), and the optical selection allow us to offer hazelnuts with a strong and distinct flavor, yet balanced. The “skin,” primarily made of fibers, is a characteristic husk that remains attached to the fruit even after roasting and represents a source of fiber for our product.

Nutritional Values per 100g of product: 687 kcal | 2836.7 kj

Protein 17.1g Carbohydrates 6.2g, of which saturated 2.6g Fat 62.9g, of which saturated 6.4g Fiber 8.5g Salt 0.1g


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