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Salted caramel spread

Our organic salted caramel spread with hazelnuts is a delight you’ll want to try with your coffee or tea. It’s sweet, salty, and creamy – everything you need for a perfect afternoon snack!

If you have a weakness for salted caramel, you won’t be able to resist the intoxicating aroma that fills the air. It’s like a taste of paradise.

The sugar is skillfully worked through the “caramelization” process, and it takes several hours of work for this ingredient to meet our standards. Time and passion are two essential ingredients in its production.

You’ll find that your taste buds can’t resist this harmonious combination of natural and organic ingredients.

Try using it to garnish a semifreddo or some enchanting chocolate cookies. In both cases, it will be a relief for the soul and the palate.

Don’t forget that it pairs perfectly with our other spreads.

230-gram jar.


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