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Nativa Pura hazelnut spread

With its natural and unmistakable flavor, Nativa Pura hazelnut spread is ready to transport you to the Tuscia region.

What makes it unique is the absence of added sugars and the presence of 100% organic “Gentile Romana” hazelnuts cultivated in the Monti Cimini area, without any other additional ingredients. It is right here, in the volcanic soil rich in microelements and potassium, that this precious fruit undergoes its natural and unique maturation process.

The intense flavor of this hazelnut spread makes it a favorite among those who don’t want to miss out on any of the nuances of hazelnuts.

How to enjoy it to the fullest?

Energizing, thanks to its high hazelnut content that makes it rich in proteins, it can be the perfect companion for breakfast and snacks. Its strong flavor and high liquidity also make it perfect for making desserts and as a topping for yogurt, but also for more daring recipes… try it to add creaminess to your pasta dishes!

Moreover, the absence of added sugars and the presence of “good” fatty acids like omega-3 and high amounts of vitamin E make it a favorite among athletes.

Our advice?

Artisanal and preservative-free, Nativa Pura can also be the perfect ingredient for making delicious homemade sweets to delight friends and family with the unmistakable flavor of organic hazelnuts from the Monti Cimini area.

Use it in the kitchen to create desserts and cookies, or enjoy it with a hazelnut-flavored coffee or as a tasty sauce for your meat dishes… the only limit will be your imagination.

230g jar


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