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Milk spread

Our milk spread is a timeless classic!

Loved by both young and old, it never fails to impress with its astonishing creaminess!

To make it irresistibly smooth and delightful to the taste, we use only organic milk from the finest certified Italian farms.

The gentle and enveloping notes of the round and delicate hazelnut blend harmoniously with organic milk and exquisite cocoa, creating a perfect balance of flavors.

The refined toasting of the hazelnuts gives it hints of chestnut cream.

How can you enjoy it best?

It’s perfect to start your day off right: thanks to its properties, it provides great energy to tackle a busy day at work or school!

You can also use it to fill a brioche for your children’s snack! In fact, our milk spread is a tasty and healthy snack even for the little ones, as it is free from saturated fats and only contains organic cane sugar. With its smooth consistency, it can be used for tart fillings or as a topping for muffins and pancakes.

Our suggestion?

Definitely try it with chestnuts, a typical product of our region!

You can cover them with a layer of the spread and refrigerate them, or use it to decorate the delicious Mont Blanc dessert!

Make every recipe unique with Nativa Gianduia!

230-gram jar.


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