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Dark chocolate and hazelnut spread

Introducing our intense dark chocolate and hazelnut spread. A refined product that enhances moments of pleasure in a healthy and delicious way.

With a bold toasting, it unleashes the essence of an autumnal undergrowth, reminiscent of chestnut and roasted coffee aromas.

Nativa dark chocolate spread is born from the combination of carefully selected organic hazelnuts and deacidified organic cocoa powder, obtained through natural processing of cocoa beans, without any chemical additives.

The light color of the spread comes from the generous amount of hazelnuts in each jar, comprising 60% of the total. Its exceptional creaminess and smooth texture are the result of meticulous nut selection, with a maximum allowable diameter of 15 mm.

The dark chocolate spread is suitable for everyone, as it is dairy-free and gluten-free, sweetened with a moderate amount of organic cane sugar.

Enjoy it as a topping on yogurt, mug cakes, and porridge for an energizing breakfast, as a garnish on strawberries or other fruits for a tasty snack, or spread it on toast, cookies, or rice cakes for guilt-free moments of pleasure.

230-gram jar.


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